About our network

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What is REYN-Croatia?



REYN-Croatia is a learning community and advocacy network


What is the core belief of REYN-Croatia?



All children have the right to equal access to quality education. 


Both individuals and institutions are responsible to ensure realization of these rights.


This is why all of us need to do everything in our power to diminish the obstacles to successful education and social integration of Roma children.


Who are our members?


Members of REYN-Croatia are professionals and paraprofessionals, institutions, CSOs and other organizations and individuals working with Roma children, families and/or communities, especially in the field of education.


Friends of REYN-Croatia are individuals and organizations not working directly with Roma children who support the core belief of the Network.


Who do we act for?


Our primary focus is on providing support to Roma children in the age of 0 to 11.


What are the main goals of REYN-Croatia?


•Empowering our members for providing a better support to Roma children in education.


•Supporting Roma children through public advocacy of their rights in education.


•Strengthening the cooperation with the international REYN in expertise sharing and advocacy.

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