International Romani Early Years Network (REYN)

Main_reyn_0 Find more information about the international umbrella organization - Romani Early Years Network (REYN), hosted by International Step by Step Associatiaon (ISSA)

REYN-Croatia acts within the international umbrella organiation - Romani Early Years Network (REYN).  This international network connects practitioners from Romani, Traveller and other backgrounds working with Romani and Traveller young children, families and communities. The network is already active in 18 European countries with more and more being added. REYN serves as a platform trough which Romani and other Early Childhood Development practitioners can improve their confidence and competences in their work with Romani children and their families. REYN is hosted and managed by ISSA in partnership with Open Society Foundations’ Roma ‘Kopaçi’ Initiatives of the Early Childhood Programme (OSF/ECP). 

REYN aims to:

Support the development of skills and good practice,

Share knowledge drawn from experiences of working effectively with Romani families and young children,

Establish effective partnerships between Roma and other practitioners working with young Roma children,

Support professional development for those working with these marginalized and excluded groups.

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